Delivering the safest and most effective pest control service across Grand Rapids for over 25 years. We’re here to do more than protect your home from pests—we protect your family, your health, and your investment.

There’s only one reason we could spend a quarter century growing a successful local business in the West Michigan pest control industry—we’re committed.


Committed to delivering the best service to every client, on every project, every time.

Get in touch with us to put our unparalleled pest control service to the test—with your no-obligation pest control inspection.


What is a Pest Control Inspection?

When our expert pest control technician visits your home or business, they’ll check the most vulnerable areas of your home for signs of pest infestation. Some of the signs we’re looking for are:

  • Pest excretions and droppings
  • Scratch marks
  • Signs of digging or nesting activity
  • Live pests
  • Dead pests, exoskeletons, shells, etc.

We check thoroughly to determine whether your property is at risk of infestation, or if you’re already coping with an infestation issue. From there, we can design a comprehensive, fully customized plan to eradicate your pests and keep your property in its best condition.

A pest control inspection can also be done before we create your tailored pest prevention plan.

Whatever work needs to be done for local homeowners and businesses, we regularly hear from our clients about how our pest control inspection service helped them.

    The Benefits of a Pest Control Inspection


    Pest Prevention

    There is a common saying that for every cockroach you see, there are thousands that you don’t, is absolutely true of every pest. Often, we get called in to do pest control inspections after a property has already been overrun with pests. It’s ok—we can deliver a fast and effective treatment—but prevention is always better than cure.

    Even if the signs are minimal, we’ll find the threat and be able to work with you to create an effective pest control solution. Professional preventative methods can deter pests, catch infestations before they start, and prevent the damage from spreading.


    Cost Minimization

    In the long term, pest control inspections reduce the cost of pest control, minimize the need for property repairs and restoration, and reduce the risk of harm to your family’s health.

    The cost of property repair—your flooring, walls, furniture replacement, and water damage—escalates fast. A bedbug infestation often destroys our furniture and carpets, costs us in medical bills, and requires ongoing follow-up care. Termite damage can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in structural remediation. In the business sector, a pest infestation can shut down your operations and cost you valuable time and money.

    Calling our team in as a pre-emptive strike means you spend less money later. Considering how affordable a pest control inspection can be, no matter where you are in Grand Rapids or the greater West Michigan area, why take the risk without one?

    An Honest and Accurate Inspection Service

    Scheduling a pest control inspection means protecting your home, family, and investment. Pests can cause diseases and trigger allergy symptoms. They can damage your property. They can cost you money.

    Let us protect you—book your pest control inspection across Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area today.

    Schultz Pest Control Can Eliminate:


    – Bees
    – Wasps
    – Hornets
    – Spiders
    – Ants
    – Beetles
    – Flies
    – Mosquitoes
    – Cockroaches
    – Stinkbugs
    – Ladybugs


    – Earwigs
    – Bedbugs
    – Ticks
    – Mites
    – Fleas
    – Moths
    – Termites
    – Mice
    – Rats
    – Pantry Pests


    The Areas We Serve

    We are proud to serve businesses and commercial property managers across Grand Rapids and the wider West Michigan area. As a specialist in commercial radon testing and mitigation, we often venture outside of Grand Rapids to deliver this essential service, so if your location isn’t listed here, please contact us to see what we can do.

    Time to protect your business? Contact us now to experience our industry-leading Grand Rapids commercial radon testing.

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