Spring Lake

Spring Lake Pest Control and Radon Mitigation Professionals for Homes and Businesses

Spring Lake, MI, is a charming community, yet it’s not immune to its share of problems. Residents who have discovered pests on their property or who are concerned about radon levels are invited to get in touch with Schultz Services. Our experts enjoy working with our valued customers in Spring Lake.

About Schultz Services

If you’re in need of pest control or radon mitigation, don’t settle for a fly-by-night company. Instead, choose a well-established business with a long track record of happy customers. Since 1994, Schultz Services has provided outstanding service to residents and business owners throughout Spring Lake. We look forward to helping you enjoy a healthier, safer home.

Our Radon Mitigation Services

Radon gas is naturally present in the environment. Outdoors, it dissipates and is not a threat. However, this gas can seep indoors through cracks in a building’s foundation. With continued exposure, radon gas can result in lung cancer.

Put your mind at ease with trustworthy radon testing from Schultz Services. We install customized radon mitigation systems in both homes and commercial properties. Our team also works closely with other professionals—including realtors, architects, construction contractors, and developers—for whom we offer testing and customized radon mitigation systems.

Our Pest Control Services in Spring Lake

No one wants disease-ridden pests in their home, and over-the-counter remedies aren’t very effective. The solution is to contact Schultz Services at the first sign of a pest infestation. Our trusted pros will use industry-strength applications and other safe pest mitigation methods to effectively rid your home of unwanted pests.

Schultz Services is also pleased to work with businesses throughout Spring Lake. We provide pest control to restaurants, churches, daycares, and all other types of commercial spaces. Plus, we work closely with local real estate professionals. If your client is buying or selling a home and has concerns about pests, get in touch to schedule an inspection!

Contact Us Today

Although our services are thorough, residents of Spring Lake also find them to be quite affordable. For reliable pest control or radon mitigation, contact Schultz Services at (616) 874-9925 or at [email protected].


Map of Spring Lake, MI
zachary s.

zachary s.

Working late to keep our customers safe.

Near Terrace Rd, Spring Lake, MI 49456

Map of Spring Lake, MI
zachary s.

zachary s.

Working late to keep people and their homes safe from radon gas.

Near Willow Ave, Spring Lake, MI 49456
Spring Lake, MI - Working late to keep people and their homes safe from radon gas.